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About Us

“As a parent of a young child in school I feel the need to make a change right now.  I also believe that our pink t-shirt is a neutralizing symbol to equalize the disparity between social, economic and racial division in every school.  You can be fashionably cool and kind together.”

Our Company

eSVYN (pronounced e7) was born to bring you energized, thermal capacity clothing. We like to say that our clothes are “Haute” because they are battery - powered, conductive and fashion forward; athleisure wear for men, women and kids with an emphasis on sports performance for the competitive edge and or to sport leisurely.

The true definition of“Haute” as in Haute Couture is expensive, fashionable clothes produced by leading fashion houses. eSVYN plays with the word definition as a cross between hot and Haute (hot because we’re conductive, haute because we’re fashion forward).

Our Goal

is to create stylish, high-end workout gear that can go from morning to an evening out, 7 days a week all while improving posture and body alignment positioning for a more effective workout and a healthier lifestyle.

Our Brands

eSVYN is home to three exclusive brand collections inspired by our goal; stylish athleisure wear that heal, align and help maintain the body…


Because Marsha is into nutrition and athleticism, but also loves to have fun, 1 HAUTE MESS was born. All in a "tongue and cheek" manor 1 HAUTE MESS is for the woman who works hard, plays hard, doesn’t take herself too seriously but she knows her worth.


This brand compliments the 1 HAUTE MESS person; fashionable, relaxed and comfortable in their own skin. There are a few fun, conductive things coming up for both brands that will correlate with each other making the pair a win/win for both together.


This brand is our philanthropic entity and we are very proud and excited to help spread the anti-bullying message. It is an annual school curriculum to be implemented in all schools across North America to infuse the school culture with kindness as a preventative approach to bullying and violent acts in schools and communities even as extreme as school shootings.  The curriculum will focus on important traits for a school to promote and incorporate every month of the school year to get students operating at a desired level of kindness – the preventative piece to anti-bulling; February 28/29 being Anti-Bullying Day.  The INSPIRED KIDZS t-shirt is the “badge of honor” to be worn for the school year symbolizing that they have now been inspired to help create a kindness culture in their school and in life going forward.  


We are excited and look forward to expanding our line with fun, fashionable, conductive clothing. ©Copyright 2023

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